AIMExpo: Five Standouts from All the New Bikes and Gear

If you couldnít ride to Orlando for the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) last weekend, donít worry ñ weíve picked out five of the coolest things presented at this new event.

Before we get into that, a little history on AIMExpo: This event has been a project a few years in the making. Itís the brainchild of passionate bikers meant to connect bikers, businesses, and dealers within the industry. The result? Lots of sneak peeks into awesome new products and bikes, as well as some on the horizon.

These types of expos are popular in Europe, but AIMExpo brought all that fun to the US. Scroll below to see five of the coolest things shown at the expo…

aimexpo bikers

1. Impulse Jackets

Safety gear just got a lot more hardcore with Impulse Jackets ñ black and red motorcycle jackets with built-in LEDs in the back that illuminate so drivers can see that youíre on the road. Thatís not even the coolest part — with the help of a wireless transmitter, the jacket actually lights up when you brake or put on your turn signal — making you very visible to other vehicles on the road.

Slick design isnít sacrificed with this jacket, as it still looks like a traditional leather motorcycle jacket that many bikers would be happy to rock.

2. Sena Bluetooth 20S

Not expected on the market till 2014, this new system allows bikers to use voice commands to call other people in their group or make hands-free cell phone calls. Riders can also listen to music and GPS directions, as well as have intercom conversations with their passenger or nearby riders in their crew.

It easily clamps to any helmet, is water resistant, and has awesome sound quality, making it much easier to chat with your buddies while on your bike.

3. †The EBR 1190RX

If you love sportbikes, then youíve probably been dying to see Erik Buell Racingís newest model for 2014. Introduced at the expo, this black and yellow bike is perfect for new riders and sportbike aficionados alike. Street legal and rocking 185 horsepower and 102 lb.-ft of torque, this bike is oozing power.

Aside from the racing-inspired handling and 21 traction control settings to deal with all types of road conditions, the bike itself also gets more than 40 miles per gallon. Keep an eye out for this beast next year.

4. The V-Strom 1000 ABS

Suzuki also introduced a new model for 2014 at AIMExpo ñ the new and improved V-Strom, which is lighter and less bulky than the previous edition. Suzuki made a lot of changes and included an advanced traction control system, helpful digital readouts (fuel consumption, riding range, battery life, etc.), smooth-riding V-twin engine, adjustable windscreen, and lots of luggage space.

Other improvements? Better gas mileage, handling, comfort, and traction control (as mentioned above), just to name a few. It also offers tons of room for customization and stacked headlights for a sportier look.

5. Tons of new helmets (we canít pick just one)

Walking the exhibitions at AIMExpo meant running into lots of new helmet designs ñ from motocross helmets to sportbike styles that provide better ventilation. †The latest Givi Explorer helmet, for instance, features a removable chin guard, washable liner, and two chin guards designed for different seasons. Bell also revamped its Custom 500 three-quarter design for a better fit and look, for those looking to rock an old-school style.

There were hundreds of exhibitors at this expo, so this just skims some of the awesome stuff thatís already out there or will be hitting the market in 2014. Keep an eye out for all the new bikes and gear while youíre out on the road.

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